Omu — palm frond — is symbolic in Igbo land.
Omu is placed on vehicles conveying corpses to the grave.
When an omu is placed on Sam Omatseye,
It’s time for caterwauling, ululating, dirge for his obituary.
Or his Omutuary and internment into his grave of
Igbophobia, hate, jealousy, and tribal incitement.

Next was erected in Abuja and not Agbaja.
Peter Obi was once assaulted by MASSOB and is not pro-IPOB.
Peter Obi has always been Nigerian before Igbo.
Associating Peter Obi with MASSOB and IPOB to discredit him is
Reprehensible political theater of the absurd.

Peter Obi is not a Saint and will never be a Saint.
However, Peter Obi is a Saint amongst the four Lucifers claiming
It’s their turn to continue looting the Nigerian treasury.
Africastallestman prays that Peter Obi becomes a pharisaic dictator
That’ll begin the restructuring and rescue of Nigeria.

Sam Omatseye, Africastallestman is eagerly awaiting your
Tinubuary, Atikuary, and Kwankwuary.
Africastallestman hopes you’ll associate their personal traits with
The Yoruba, Fulani, and Fulani tribes respectively.
Africastallestman will not have written your OMUTUARY
If your criticism of Peter Obi was restricted to Peter Obi

“A word is not enough for the fool” — Chidiogo.

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