Revealed Religion cannot be questioned since only one
individual has the details of the revelations by God.
Questioning a pROPHET means questioning God!

Why does God reveal different Religions to different males?
Yes, males and not females; smell a rat?
No, smells like a skunk dipped in mercaptan*.

Religion starts out with good intentions but as with every man-invented activity, the Human — Animal — soon takes over.
Once the Animals take over, Revealed Religion becomes Revulsive Religion.

Revealed Religion thrives with real and imagined enemies.
Enemies or adversaries must be created and converted to fulfil the revelations of Evangelism.
Revelations become man-made Realities!

Revealed Religious practitioners latch unto any ‘Devil’ who espouses their
Religious view and overlooks the evil acts of the ‘Devil.’
The European Renaissance was achieved when Religion was separated from State.

Africastallestman wishes that Revealed Religion will be replaced by autochthonous Religion!
Autochthonous Religion is devoid of pROPHETS and Evangelism since autochthonous Gods are not jealous Gods!

*World’s smelliest substance.

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