Nigerian footballers routinely bribe coaches for inclusion in the National team.
Same Nigerian footballers will be bribed by other countries for inclusion in their National teams.
Are Nigerians genetically corrupt? Yes, they are, with a few exceptions!!

Nigerian athletes performing at world-class levels in the USA were excluded from the Nigerian team.
Is it because the Nigerian time is 5 secs, sorry 5 hours faster the the US time or
That the “dollar-laden”* student athletes do not do the usual or did the Minister and AFN** officials use
Nigerian time to evaluate the performances of Ezinne Abba and Alaba Akintola in the US?

Whatever metrics they used to exclude these two stellar athletes, the Minister and AFN must be flayed for compromise and/or incompetence in sports administration.
Nigerian athletes, get written guarantees and lawyers before switching allegiance to Nigeria.
Equatorial Guinea is paying athletes to switch allegiance to Equatorial Guinea!
Next time, Nigerian athletes may be switching allegiances to Equatorial Guinea or Angola.

World Championships: AFN flays Ezinne Abba’s outburst over exclusion – Premium Times Nigeria

Two Nigerian athletes protest ‘unjust’ exclusion from World Championships – Premium Times Nigeria

* Student athletes everywhere are always broke
** Athletic Federation of Nigeria

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