As China sends Xue Bing to broker peace in the horn of Africa to protect Chinese investments, Xi Jinpin is sending warplanes into Taiwanese territory to ‘broker’ war with Taiwan.

If China is desirous of peaceful coexistence of neighboring countries, why is the Chinese Communist Party threatening an all-out fight to the finish with Taiwan?

The answer: China wants to protect its investments in the Horn of Africa while simultaneously planning to annex Taiwan, Taiwanese investments, and foreign investments in Taiwan.

Chinese diplomacy is meant to benefit China and Chinese investors and not to broker peace amongst nations or within nations. China without significant investments in Ukraine is supportive of the invasion of Ukraine by Communist Russia.

Yes, Communist Russia since “Eviladimir” Putin claims that any ex-Soviet country that seeks integration with Europe is run by Nazis and Fascists and must be annexed in the mold of Peter, the Great!

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