Found by natives near the banks of the River Niger.
Scraggly white hair, scraggly beard, scrawny body,
Smelled like fermented mustard, pale skin darkened by the
Torrid African Sun and pock-marked by numerous dark bumps.
The result of bites by mosquitoes eager to taste alien blood.
Mosquitoes, eager to diversify their usual blood meal.

Surrounded by machete- and spear-wielding fierce-looking natives,
Mungo Park said his nunc dimittis and almost collapsed with
Fear, augmented by thirst and by eating “crappy” food.
Food, unknown in Scotland, England, and Wales.
Banga and burukutu replaced fish and chips.
“Please do not eat me, I am an explorer”

“We do not eat alien meat, where is your visa?”
“I do not have a visa, I am a British explorer.”
“Great, there’s a country named Rwanda”
“Rwanda needs explorers to explore its riches.”
“Better get to Rwanda before the French.”
“We are deporting you to Rwanda by donkey.”

Centuries later, Britain is deporting alien refugees
Without visas to Rwanda to explore Rwanda.
Why not to British ex-colonies perfected by Britain?
No, because Britain has already explored those colonies.
The sloppy French may have left unexplored riches in
Rwanda, that will  lift the lives of these alien refugees!

PS Rwanda was colonized by Germany and Belgium.

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