The massacre at St. Francis Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo State, Nigeria is an attack on Pope Francis. Why not St. Agatha, St Peter, St. Okere, or St. Anthony’s Catholic Church? By attacking the papal namesake, the Islamic Terrorists and their Fulani co-travelers are sending the Vatican a message—jihadization of Nigeria is inexorable.

These Islamic Terrorists pray five times a day. Therefore, praying won’t stop them. The only way to stop an Islamic Terrorist with an AK-47 is a non-terrorist with an AK-51. Prayers did not stop ‘Eviladimir’ Putin from invading  Ukraine and will not stop Fulanis and Islamic Terrorists from overruning Nigeria.

Holy Father, your flock in Nigeria needs howitzers, flame throwers, automatic rifles, rocket-propeled grenades to fend off Islamic murderers. The Fulani Federal Government of Nigeria’s only response to the wanton, quotidian massacres of Christians and Indigenes in Nigeria is issuance of useless condemnations through third parties.

Holy Father, act before your flock is flushed into the Atlantic Ocean. These Terrorists play no games and they do not take prisoners. Confrontation and not condemnation is the answer to Islamization. Is President Biden Catholic? You may give him a call.

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