Branded by Whites as less than human
Loathed by Whites as undesirables
Cattily and extrajudicially
Killed by state and non-state White actors.

The White Race cattily executes Blacks as sports.
Whites, not satisfied with the economic depravity inflicted on
Blacks on Earth, are keen to dispatch Blacks to the afterlife,
Where White Jesus and White Angels may be forced to continue the
Black sufferings, as demanded by White rule in the afterlife!

In Brazil, the majority Black population under the brutal
Tutelage of the White minority, are killed in numbers that
Makes police execution of Blacks in America trivial and
Not worthy of public discourse or condemnations!

In Australia, feral cats and feral pigs have more respect than
Black Aborigines, who are native to Australia.
In Europe, which was developed with African resources,
Blacks are lower in hierarchy than dogs and cats.

In all countries with majority White leadership or
In countries with minority White leadership, the killing of
Blacks or more appropriately extrajudicial executions of
Blacks, is sanctioned and condoned by the ‘White’ State.

Where is Godoooooo?

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