Russia invaded Ukraine
Vladimir Putin: No, Ukraine invaded Russia.
Sergei Lavrov: No, Russia invaded Ukraine to prevent Ukraine from invading Russia.
Sergei Shoigu: No, there is no invasion, it is all Western lies.

Russian soldiers raped Ukrainian women
Vladimir Putin: No, Russian soldiers are not Nazi homosexuals.
Sergei Lavrov: No, Nazi Ukrainian homosexual soldiers raped Russian soldiers.
Sergei Shoigu: No, Russian soldiers marry Ukrainian women, not rape them.

Russian soldiers butchered Ukrainian civilians in Bucha
Vladimir Putin: No, there are no butchers in the Russian Army.
Sergei Lavrov: No, all the Russian butchers are in Siberia butchering mastodons.
Sergei Shoigu: No, another Western lie, my soldiers kill with Grad rockets, not knives.

Russian Lies, the more the Russian Politburo lies, the closer they are getting to a Nuremberg‐type trial.

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