Mum, you just cut off a Black person.
Dad, do you have any Black friends?
Mum, Dad, can Taquisha sleep over?
Mary, only Pat can sleep over
Be careful with those people!

Dad aren’t those people Americans?
Just be careful daughter,
I used to think that way until
Those people did it to us.
Dad, did we pay those people?
I heard we owe those people.

Linda, those people are teaching
Critical Race Theory to Mary.
How could our child know
About chattel, unpaid slavery?
Mary, do you feel so guilty
And think we ought to pay
Reparations with apologies?

Mum and Dad, why are we
Still treating Blacks as slaves
In 2022 and pretend to be Christians?
Why are we still practicing slavery?
Would Jesus be practicing slavery?
Anyone against Critical Race Theory is
On the side of continuing Slavery.

Dad, there’s an African proverb that says:
“You cannot beat a child and prevent the child from crying.”
We enslaved and still enslave Blacks and we don’t
Want Blacks to talk about slavery and reparations.
Mum and Dad, think what would Jesus do?
I guess Jesus is unhappy with us fo enslaving and still
Enslaving Blacks and pretending to be Christians!

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