Russia has no reason
Repeat, Russia has no reason
Repeat, Russia has no reason to
Invade, maim, and massacre Ukrainians
Because NATO is scared of a nuclear war.

Ukraine as part of NATO, will
Never attack Russia.
Repeat, Ukraine as part of NATO will
Never attack Russia.
Russia would have attacked Ukraine
Whether Ukraine is part of NATO or not.

Russia’s evil devastation of Ukraine with
‘Conventional’ nuclear bombs made possible by
America’s devastation of Japan with real nuclear bombs and
America’s dismantling of Ukraine’s nuclear bombs
Must be brought to an end by NATO.

The destruction wrought on Mariupol and Grozny by
Czar Putin’s ‘conventional’ nuclear bombs, equals
The devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by
America’s nuclear bombs, as thermobaric bombs
Are ‘conventional’ nuclear bombs.

Ukraine must be shielded from the
Evil machinations of the Stalinist bully and Czar — Putin
Czar Putin cannot get away with war crimes because
Czar Putin has threatened to use nuclear bombs.
Is Russia the only nuclear power — No?

NATO must come to the aid of Ukraine as
Russia is not immune to nuclear bombs.
If Russia decides to use nukes then
Russia must be nuked to oblivion.
Dictator Putin does not want to die either.

Russia cannot continue invading sovereign nations
Because NATO is afraid of a nuclear war.
The Russian Oligarchs with billion-dollar yachts are
More afraid of being atomized than the yak herders of Mongolia.
For world peace, every nation must have nuclear bombs.

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