Alhaji Lie Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Misinformation states:
Bandits believe in one Nigeria unlike Islamic Terrorists and
Peaceful Separationists as IPOB and Yoruba Liberation Groups.
Reason: Bandits need a larger population to rob, maim, kill, and extract ransom.

Alhaji Lie, Nigerians forgive you for all your lying as this one truth exonerates you.
The lying Alhaji encourages all Islamic Terrorists and Peaceful Separationists to become Bandits since Bandits espouse One Nigeria.
Killing, robbing, raping, kidnapping, and demanding ransom are legal as long as you carry a ‘one’ Nigeria flag!

Boko Haram becomes Boko Haram Bandits,
IPOB becomes IPOB Bandits, and
Yoruba Liberation Groups become Yoruba Liberation Bandits.
Miyetti Allah planning on become Miyetti Allah Bandits.

As Bandits, these groups are spared ‘Terrorist’ designations and their coffers boosted by ransom paid by the APC Fulani Gwoment of Nigeria.
Did a Minister of Misinformation, sorry Information, utter such CRAP?
Yea, in Nigeria!

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