Electric automobiles are indeed very fast.
Some are as fast as formula one sport cars.
Electric automobiles weigh as much as three formula one cars.
Automobile manufacturers resurrecting old, clunky, and
Chunky gas guzzlers as green, efficient automobiles.

Resurrecting automobile tanks as green automobiles
Means more energy for propelling more mass.
Since energy production is not entirely green,
Chunky automobiles means more global energy production as
Global energy production is not  entirely green and won’t soon.

Collisions between 500 kg and 3,000 kg electric missiles or
Electric automobiles, if you prefer, become common.
Add fast, heavier electric tractor trailers to the mix and
Automobiles accidents and fatalities may become
A leading cause of human morbidity and mortality.

Automobile exhilaration with fast electric automobiles turns
Into automobile carnage as occupants of the
Smaller electric missiles shall be pulverized by bigger missiles.
Add alcohol to electric automobiles as in drunk driving
And automobile suicides, and automobile carnage increase.

A drunk operator of an electric automobile is
A danger to the operator – suicide and
A danger to other operators on the road – carnage.
As with fast formula one cars, electric automobiles must have
Weight, braking, and speed limits to protect the public.

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