Unwanted babies
Unwanted by parents
Unwanted because of rape
Unwanted because of incest
Unwanted because of deformity.
Unwanted because of no healthcare
Unwanted because of poverty
Unwanted because of Racism and Hatism.

Unwanted babies receive no love
Unwanted babies receive no healthcare
Unwanted babies receive no education
Unwanted babies grow up in crime and poverty
Unwanted babies boost the prison economy
Economy run by White private companies.
Companies sited in White communities with mainly
Black and Colored Prisoners shepherded by White warders.

Unwanted babies destined to fail in life but
Wanted by Southern Christian Evangelicals and
Southern Conservative Republican politicians both bent on
Conserving the death penalty, racism, and hatism.
Failed unwanted babies provide “human” fodder
For the “guillotines” of the Southern USA.
Same Region famed for Christian Evangelism also
Famed for Christian Executionism and Racial murders.

State of Texas, Mississippi, and other Southern States
Do not, do not abort unwanted babies since
Unwanted babies are fungible commodities.
State of Texas, Mississippi, and other Republican States,
Without unwanted babies, there shall be fewer adults
Who are unwanted, unloved, and un-nurtured.
Same Southern States have no laws mandating adoption of
Unwanted babies by pro-lifers and conservatives.

If this is not hypocrisy, what is?
The voyeurism of observing
Handicapped and disabled Adults and
The loss of the pipeline of adult execution “fodder” are
Reasons why the Southern States opposing abortions are
Same States with the Adult death penalty, thereby ranking
The lives of the unborn, superior to the lives of
Adults, usually Blacks and Colored, destined for
Exploitation by private entities and execution by State entities.

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