Three million Uighurs jailed in Xinjiang, China.
Five Uighurs killed by Chinese security forces.
Britain accuses China of Genocide on Uighurs.
Britain imposes sanctions on China and Chinese officials.
To Britain, jailing of non-Blacks is Genocide.

Five million Biafrans killed in Nigeria from 1966 to 1970.
Killing effected by British weapons and British military advisers.
Three thousand Biafrans abducted and jailed in 2021.
Biafrans are being tortured daily and killed by Nigeria.
Britain still sending weapons to Nigeria to continue the killing.

To Britain, no amount of killing of Blacks is Genocide.
To Britain, only White or Yellow lives matter.
Black Lives Do Not Matter to Britain,
Either during the slave trade or in 2021.
Blacks, what did you do to the British?

Blacks pray that the Angels in Heaven are not British.
Lordy, Lord if the Angels in Heaven are British,
Send Blacks to Hell where the security guards are Blacks as
Blacks are security guards on Earth.
Black security guards in Hell will be easy on Blacks,
Given their shared tribulations in British hands on Earth.

Frederick Forsyth was also a British spy who worked for M16, while he was a war correspondent in Biafra, but later recanted.

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