Following the recent visit by French President, Emmanuel Macron, to Rwanda to apologize for French indifference to the Rwandan Genocide, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is set to apologize to the Biafran people for direct British involvement, in the Biafran Genocide during the Biafra-Nigerian War, on his planned visit to Nigeria.

Whereas, less than 1 million Tutsis were killed in Rwanda, Britain supplied military hardware and military advisers, the Fulani-controlled Nigerian Army used to kill, starve, and maim Biafrans. Five hundred thousand died in the war and another 2.5 million were starved to death.

The Biafran Genocide is the second on the world Genocide list, behind the Jewish Genocide. The survivors of the Jewish Genocide were obese compared to the surviving skeletons, with bloated abdomens, of the Biafran Holocaustic Genocide.

Mr. Johnson also wants to use his trip to warn the bloodthirsty Nigerian President, Alhaji Major General Muhammadu Buhari, not to start another war in Nigeria, but to organize a Biafran Referendum similar to Brexit. Members of Mr. Johnson’s Cabinet were not surprised, because the Prime Minister has been openly critical of the role, Christian Britain played, in aiding and abetting the large scale massacre of Christian Biafrans by Islamic Fulanis.

During the Biafra-Nigeria War, the French supported Biafra diplomatically, while Britain supported Nigeria, militarily and diplomatically. Britain is seeking to mend fences with the French to counteract the German dominance of the Europe Union. The recent winning of the International Booker Prize by a French writer is part of that trend.

More European apologies are expected following the recent apologies by Germany to Namibians, and by France to Rwandans. Apologies are also expected from Belgium, Italy, Nederland, Portugal, and Spain for their roles in massacring Africans.

Analysts believe these positive developments in Africa may not be unconnected to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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