Three to five million Biafrans were
Slaughtered like rams, pregnant women disemboweled,
Men, women, and children eviscerated.
Living and breathing humans thrown into wells, and
Survivors starved to death and “skeletized.”

“Skeletons” that rivaled or surpassed the
Skeletal survivors of the Jewish prisoners at
Auschwitz, Birkenau and other death camps.
The world is yet to acknowledge the Genocide or is it
Holocaust visited on Biafrans from 1966 to 1970.

If one million Armenian Executions and
Six million Jewish Executions qualify as Genocide,
Three to five million Biafran Executions is
Super Genocide or Holocaust.
Or is it another instance of Black Lives Do Not Matter?
Black Lives Do Matter to President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden, Biafrans and the World are
Eagerly and rightfully calling on you to
Recognize and document the Biafran Holocaustic Genocide.
Such Declaration is necessary to forestall
Another Genocide being currently planned by the Fulanized Nigerian Army.

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