Britain colonized by the Vikings, then colonized by the Romans, thereafter, Britain turns around and colonized the world.

Israel colonized by Egypt, then colonized by The Turks, thereafter, colonized by Britain, Israel turns around and “colonizes” Egypt and the Arabs.

India colonized by Persia, then colonized by Britain, thereafter, India turns around and is technologically colonizing the world.

China colonized by Mongols, then Europe, followed by Japan, thereafter, China turns around and “colonizes” Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Zambia, Ethiopia, and is presently colonizing African countries.

America colonized by Britain, thereafter, America turns around and colonizes The Philippines, Puerto Rico, and is colonizing the world with the dollar and cultural exports.

Africa colonized by Europe, thereafter, is being colonized by China, and is eagerly waiting for the next colonizer, which may be India, Afghanistan, or Islamic Terrorists?

Africa quit giving colonialism as an excuse for gross Continental failure, if Britain, Israel, India, China, and America can escape the yoke of colonialism to become Colonizers, so can Africa and Africans.

Maybe, it is time for Africa to colonize Australia, Vanuatu, and Greenland, unless Africans love to be colonized.

Whither Africa!

One thought on “WHITHER AFRICA!

  1. My dear seeker after the truth, if you were in a drunken and most disturbed sleep and disheartening dream about beloved Africa, I will definitely, without an iota of doubt in the inner recesses of my pruning, and extraordinarily shappened historically molded scalpel of intellectual quest for the higher forms of truth-telling in all areas of protracted human, most often, undefined human nature as such. It’s hugely ENIGMATIC sphere of scientific unknowing mystery and future on-ward-looking AWE, and of course, of human nature’s near disabled and troubled hope that might bear the great serpent’s offsprings, who but can tell? In the end, dear Africastallestman, it is all about… “To be or not to be” – Shakespeare 1616. The Lord Jesus Christ in his essence averred: “foxes have holes, the birds of the air have nests, but the son of man, has nowhere to lay his head.” Truly my Africa has nowhere where to lay her head in the overall affairs of humanity. Africa on almost traumatic journey to unknown destination in our world wide existence. What titillates your fancy then to euphemistically, in all honesty conjecture, that Africans will own their high speed railways, torpedoes, mig 21’s or large ocean-going liners, destructive military hardwares, etc even in a thousand years from now, or be accepted as fellow humans, by mankind?

    Hang in there, as they say… but, I say reach above your head and cut with a determined effort, the rope in life… You may fall in a better place, just like Alice in the wonderland… where you (Africa might give your words their meanings). Good bye dear. You know, by nature our humanity, sighs totally against the Aristotelian conception of human nature, viz that some are from birth, made for servitude, and others born to command, and to be served. My dear, Africans are not children as George Hegel contends either, in his philosophy of history, in the later part of18th Century as “the land of childhood,” Africa, the land of childhood?…Tufiakwa.
    Thanks a lot.
    Nmadu Chikere

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