Children imprisoned in animal cages, infants separated from mothers’ breasts and sent to orphanages, mothers deported to refugee camps in Mexico.
All were Human Rights Violations under Republican Trump.

Nary a protest from Kevin McCarthy and his band of Republican Cowboys, no visits to the Texas border, no empathy for refugees, no outrage expressed due to fealty to the Fûhrer by his Republican political peons.

President Biden reverses human rights abuses enacted by Trump’s Executive Orders. Cage policy outlawed, infants reattached to mothers’ breasts, mothers imported from Mexico, and refugees treated with dignity under UN Conventions.

Kevin McCarthy and his coterie of political peons board a Grey Hound bus and “fly” to the Texas border to investigate why Biden is not caging children, separating babies, and deporting mums to Mexican drug slums?

Mr. McCarthy, the reason is human decency, empathy, and adherence to International Conventions and Norms.
When America leads, other nations follow, when America misleads, other nations murder!
Isn’t the difference clear?

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