Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen invade Igbo land, destroy farm crops, rape Igbo women and children, kill Igbo men and pollute drinking water, Ohaneze Ndi Hausa-Fulani-Igbo keeps mute since the President of Ohaneze Ndi Hausa-Fulani-Igbo and his Hopeless Governor are installed by the Fulanis.

A Fulani replaces a Fulani as Chief of the Federal Fulani Army of Nigeria, no Igbo is made a Service Head, Ohaneze Ndi Hausa-Fulani-Igbo applauds and
Bestows title of Ogbu Ndi Igbo
Gburugburu on Alhaji Major General Muhammadu “Maradi” Buhari, who cares more about cows from Niger Republic than Ndi Igbo.

When shall Igbos have a modicum of sense, not political sense which is alien to Igbos and their so-called Elites, but self-preservation sense as evident in the other major tribes of Nigeria. Political brigandage with an eye towards individual monetary and/or material rewards shall be the nemesis of Ndi Igbo!

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