The stench of their sordid deeds continue to foul the White House. Deep cleaning got rid of SARS-CoV-2, but the stench of corruption, collusion, compromise, and contempt for democracy continues to trail the tempestuous and tyrannical Trump Presidency. As democratic forces bombarded the Trumpian ship of sedition, peons started throwing themselves overboard in droves seeking alibis. But alas, it is too late, the buccaneers have wrecked the ship of State, replacing it with the pirate ship of Trumpism.

How can one sail in a pirate ship for four years and not benefit from the loot? Trump ran the greatest democracy in the world as a pirate-tyrant would run a pirate ship and any opposition may mean death by casting overboard. White Supremacists disguised as public servants, but with a modicum of decency were hired by Twitter, humiliated by Twitter, and fired by Twitter. Those bereft of decency served Trump until one week to the inauguration of Biden-Harris. “A government run by Tweeter ends in Tatters” – Chidiogo.

Replacements were never in short supply as willing prospects lined up outside the White House guillotine operated by Trump and the Republican Party. Under the Faustian pact between Trump and McConnell, anything, sorry anybody presented to the Senate was confirmed by Trump collaborators in the US Senate. Collaborators who made a lot of public noise about integrity, but privately voted their pockets. Carpenters were confirmed as cabinet members and arsonists as environmentalists.

Fear of primary electoral defeats by the Trumpian anarchist wing of the Republican Party, overcame fealty of Republican Party members to the US Constitution, which they swore to uphold. Legislative watchdogs became Legislative running dogs and Legislative lapdogs. Impeachable offenses became Executive actions; corruption became discretion, compromise became compassion, collusion became compacts, and contempt for norms became modus operandi. Strains enough to break any democracy.

Führer Trump was created, a Führer who separated families, imprisoned children in animal cages, aided and abetted murder by tyrants, gutted environmental laws and regulations, all to appease the misanthropic wing of the Republican Party. American Oligarchs and the Trump family shared the spoils of a windfall tax cut for the wealthy. Unbeknownst to Führer, an unseen enemy from China, the Führer of viruses with crowns to match, invaded America from China.

The real American carnage began as Führer denied the existence of Covid-19, fired or muzzled medical experts, put the CDC under a journalist, and recommended bleach and Lysol injections augmented by UV radiation as standard therapy. Therapies forsworn by the Führer as he used over half a million dollars in public money to treat his mild case of a Covid-19 hoax. Trumpists cheered as the Covid-19 carnage continued unabated. The Oligarchs net worth increased as the rest of America suffered.

Labeled a hoax, Chinese, or Kung-fu virus by the Führer, the virus decimated America, Americans, and the American economy. Unemployment skyrocketed, intensive care units were overfilled, morgue deluged, misery multiplied, and tears overflowed. Pandemic plans disappeared having been burned as Führer did to anything with a tinge of Obama. Didn’t America see the coming of Führer Trump who led a Birther Movement that sought to delegitimize Obama, reminiscent of Hitler’s Eugenics?

Meanwhile, Führer was loading the Supreme Court with anti-people Judges who detest abortion but demand the death penalty for shop lifting, anti-people judges who would aid and abet a tyrant, but eventually balked at overturning a free and fair election. That would have started a second American Revolution. Judges complicit in the execution of 13 Americans by Führer Trump as a revenge for his shellacking by a superior Biden whom he tried to minimize by labeling old, slow, and sleepy. “Old, slow, and sleepy” better than “old, sleek, and slimy!“

The stench continues to exude from The White House which was turned into The Outhouse by Führer Trump, Bill Barr, and Mitch McConnell. The trio threw caution to the winds and engaged in the political debauchery of the worst variety that culminated in the storming of the US Capitol and ransacking of the US Congress on January 6, 2021 in a bid to prevent Congress from certifying a Biden-Harris victory. To quench the stench, Trump must be impeached and barred from holding office.

Without his Twitter™️ handle, which Führer used to propagate hatism, racism,
Insults, and falsehoods; the Führer has continued to harm American Democracy by threatening to form a MAGA or Patriot Party to maintain his stranglehold on the Republican Party. Führer, using his stranglehold on the lunatistic fringe of the Republican Party, controls US Senators, House of Representatives Members, and Governors as a puppeteer controls puppets. Unleashed from the decorum of the Presidency, like he had any, buoyed by his narcissism, which is overwhelming, the Republican Party shall soon be history for not backing Führer’s attempted civilian putsch.

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