They dreamed about it.
They obsessed about it.
They conspired on it.
They discussed it in hush tones,
Until, until, US President Donald J. Trump.
President Donald J. Trump embraced
White Supremacists and
White Supremacists embraced
US President Donald J. Trump,
The White Racist and Hatist White Supremacist Messiah.

Dreams of White Supremacy became realities.
Obsessions with White Supremacy became actions.
Conspiracies about White Supremacy became laws.
No more discussions of White Supremacy in hush tones,
Until the Presidential Election of November 3, 2020.
A day that shall live in infamy in White Supremacist history.
A day that extinguished a vision of White Supremacy;
A vision to Make America White Again – MAWA, disguised as
A vision to Make America Great Again – MAGA.

Why wouldn’t White Storm Troopers storm the US Capitol?
Election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,
A Black-loving White male and an Asian-Black female,
Despite Trump’s effort to use Ukrainian operatives
To scuttle their election, as Ukraine is no friend of Russia.
Remember, Russia aided Trump’s election in 2016.
Why not use Russian enemies – Ukraine – to scuttle Biden-Harris election?
Galled and infuriated, White Supremacists decided to
Overturn the democratic process by force – brute force.

Trump Storm Troopers stormed the US Capitol,
Earning Donald J. Trump another deserved impeachment by
The House of Representatives for instigating an insurrection.
Removal by Vice President Mike Pence using the
Twenty Fifth Amendment is also a possibility
Assuming that God informs Pence that
Removal of Donald J. Trump is good for America.
These White Visigoths have tasted the limelight and
Shall not easily retire to their denizens.

Denizens of delusions and Conspiracies.
After cutting off the head of the serpent – Trump,
The thrashing body – White Supremacists remain dangerous!
Great efforts needed to coral and manage
The headless serpent – White Supremacists – in their
Death throes or the entire US population may be
Consumed in the death dirge of the White Supremacist Movement.
A Movement popularized by Donald J. Trump and hopefully
Shall die with the removal of Donald J. Trump from the Peoples House.

A name change long overdue for the White House!
The fish starts rotting from the head!

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