Elect a slimy and smooth-tongued
Reality TV host, as
US President through the
Vagaries of a flawed
Electoral College System.

Get a slimy, inept, and puerile
US President who speaks
Like a five-year old, acts as a
Narcissistic dictator, and lacks
Insight and decorum required of
The US President, the world’s
Most powerful President.

The Office of the US President
Has become an “Apprentice Show”
Where tenure has become
Taboo and Actors as in
Acting Heads of Departments
And Government Agencies run
The biggest economy in the world.

A reality TV show directed
And produced by the acerbic
And narcissistic dictator aka
Donald J. Trump of the
Banana Republic of America.

A reality TV show with Mitch McConnell as
Executive Producer and Chief Enabler of the
Trump Republican Dictatorship
that ran for four years and
Ended with an attack on Congress by a Republican mob.

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