Started as prison colony for British Criminals,
Criminals who soon overpowered Aborigines.
Surviving Aborigines driven off choice lands and
Aboriginal children enslaved and brainwashed.
Aboriginal adults hunted and killed as game.
Surviving Aborigines hounded, harassed, and
Slammed into prisons meant for British convicts.
What a turnaround as prisoners become imprisoners!

Australia has turned full circle and
Aboriginal owners of Australia are
Denied the enjoyment of their homeland and
Are pushed farther and farther away into
Fire-ravaged and unproductive lands.
Resist relocation and rot in prison,
Assuming you survive Police brutality rivaling
American, Brazilian, British, and Filipino police brutality.

Is Racism and Hatism towards Blacks genetic?
Obviously, the White race is genetically endowed
With hate for the Black race, as White on Black
Violence is universally practiced worldwide,
In cold climes, warm climes, and climes in between.

Call it genetics or epigenetics, it is passed down
From White generation to White generation and
Can be reversed by genetic/epigenetic interventions.

Police brutality, a manifestation of White brutality, as
Any society gets the Police it deserves and Police
Reflects the state of race relations in any society.
Scott Morrison, your Police kills more Aborigines
In one day than Covid-19 kills in one year.

Quit the hypocrisy and let Blacks march for lives.
Glad the Appeal Court overruled you and
Centuries of Racism and Hatism in Australia.

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