Invade another Country,
Against world opinion.
Eliminate the Dictator
My predecessors installed.
Eliminate other bad guys.
No, No, No to nation building.
Use Country’s resources to
Restore infrastructure we destroyed.
No, No, No to nation building.

After all, Country invited
Destruction by following
Our dictatorial playbook.
Playbook that created
Insurrection, dissent, and war.
Yes, Yes, Yes, wars only
Benefit the one percent and
Further impoverish the 99 percent.
Yes, Yes, Yes to greed.

Where next? Africa, Balkans,
Middle East, Caribbean, Asia
Central and South America or
The bad guys in neighborhoods.
Neighborhoods ruled by dictators or
Drug Warlords created by drug policies.
A luta continua!
Sorry, let Freedom reign!
Reign for the rich!

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