Operation Python Dance I
Failed to quell restructuring demand.
Operation Python Dance II
Restructuring demand intensified.
Operation Python Dance III
Give us restructuring or secession.

Enter Coronaviruses and Covid-19.
Almajiris deny Covid-19, urged by
Illiterate Imams, Mallams, and Alfas,
To shun science and embrace Allah.
Almajiris contracting Covid-19 in droves.
Infected Almajiris to the rescue.

Operation Almajiri launched by Cabal,
Cabal of Hausa/Fulani/ShuwaArab
Sending container loads of Almajiris
To infect and decimate the South East.
Post-depopulation, the Cabal pacifies
The South East without a single shot!


*Almajiri – Fatherless Children in the Sharia Northern Nigeria. Most are results of marriages between octogenarians and underage teenagers. The octogenarians invariably die leaving the children to roam the streets begging for subsistence.

As adults, they have a propensity for violence and are easily recruited by Religious Leaders and Polithiefians to foment religious, political, and ethnic violence.

A scenario promoted by the alms-giving feudal Hausa/Fulani/ShuwaArab Oligarchy.

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