Peter Nbazanga of Burundi
Seeks Constitutional amendment
To become life President and
Emulate Pan Agamana of Rwanda.

Pan Agamana of Rwanda
Amends Rwanda’s Constitution
Making him life President
Plus four years after death.

Why life plus four years?
Ensures that son succeeds him
And no Hutu shall rule Rwanda
Because Tutsis are born to rule.

Olomu Obanaga of Nigeria
Seeks third term because
He has three wives and
Twenty Concubines.

Youngest wife needs to
Serve her turn as First Lady
Or there will be no peace in
Olomu Obanaga’s household.

Kunte Kinta of Guinea has
National Assembly remove
Term limits making him
President of Guinea for life.

Titus Obango of Equatorial Guinea
Extends his life Presidency to
Life plus twelve years
Son named successor in advance.

“Good” Presidents rare, in Africa
Once a country “SELECTS” one
Why not for life?
Shit hole continent, shit hole Leaders!

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