I wear a crown with spikes

Anything I crown is crowned

Because I have strong spikes.

I crown your lungs and you are

In a fight for your life.

I crown your clothes and

I can survive for days because

My spikes make me hang on.

I wear a crown because

I am the King of viruses.

I start by attacking big countries

With big economies – China.

Go through small countries – Italy and Spain,

And end in big countries with big economies.

USA, Yes, USA, big economy, no healthcare.

Next are the shit hole economies.

Africa, South America, and Asia,

Are you ready for the King of viruses?

Your Kings and Presidents cannot

Travel to America or Europe for healthcare,

America and Europe are locked down.

As a King, I consort with Royalty and Leaders

Peasants, quarantine your Leaders and

You are safe from the King of viruses.

Yea, an invisible King with crowned spikes

Humbling the entire world, imagine

What a bigger King with more powers

Can do to our world and economy?

Globular world means things are not

Stationary in a globe or circle.

Another viral King emanating in Suriname

Soon wreaks havoc in Singapore.

The next King is Global Warming.

Masks, oxygen, and ventilators are

No match for this King whose crown

Shall envelope the whole earth with

Suffocating heat and humidity.

Coronavirus, a harbinger, warning

Global leaders to cooperate and

Kill the next big virus – Global Warming!

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