Magical, wonderful, and precious
Bundles of joy and accomplishment.

Jealously guarded by parents,
Animal parents and human parents.

Having a brood of chicks turn hens into
Fighting, protective, and ferocious land eagles.

As any flying predator shall testify fearfully,
While nursing wounds of the encounter.

Approach a crocodile hatchling
Become a “halfling” – cut into two halves.

Humans adore, dote, and are thrilled by
Their offsprings and more so by the,

Offsprings of their offsprings and
Offsprings of their offsprings’ offspring.

Humans and animals fiercely protective
When offsprings are threatened or,

Harmed by any creature – humans, wild animals,
Or domesticated animals under human control.

Threatening a child in the presence of a parent
Turns a timid parent into an intrepid tiger.

Response is instinctive, protective, and
Parents known to trade own death, to save children from death.

Love for our children is the purest and
Unadulterated form of human and animal love.

Ever wonder why most humans desire to have children – unbridled joy!
And preservation of the species for eternity – human eternity.

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