Powerful, soothing, invigorating,
acts as a blanket to shield, smolder,
and protect against inequities and
vicissitudes of life and living.

Calming a situation does not
eliminate the situation but energizes
one to accept with equanimity, what
life or faith has doled out.

Faith, because faith and prayers
are inseparable, each feeding off
each other. The faith that prayers
can transform is powerful and wonderful.

Prayers, best when coupled with acts,
acts geared towards the fulfillment of the prayers.
Prayers without actions may be
worse than not praying ever!

2 thoughts on “PRAYERS.

  1. Good. If one lives a balanced life, with certain degree of assurance, in the face of good or bad life’s concoctions, will not that constitute a form of prayer in your sense of the word? Again, what if one’s goal in life is to get ready to face either good or bad deals, in creation, rather than a quest for either/or situation, as such? However, the form of prayer I completely abhor, appears to be the Christian repetitive confession of guilt, and notwithstanding, the subject goes back, and repeats the same pattern of action or thought etc, etc, which makes no sense.

    1. Repetition of prayers written by someone becomes a routine exercise in sanctimoniousness, meant to give an appearance of faith and devotion, but really meant to obscure the evil intentions and heinous acts of its practitioners. Real prayers are spontaneous and unrehearsed.

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