Excarnates other races
To determine if the
Excarnated race is
Human or ape.

Packs other races as
Sardines in a tin can.
Survivors of sea journey
Forced into slave labor.

Discriminates and segregates
Other races into slums.
Elevation of slums into
Thriving neighborhoods.

Against all odds by
Oppressed race, met
With jealousy, lynching, and
Arson without *compensation.

Desires women of other races
While pretending they are apes.
Other races glancing at their
Women, met with lynching.

Never apologized nor paid
Reparations for heinous crimes,
Perpetrated on other races, while
Preaching sanctimonious religiosity.

While avowed Christians, will
Dine with Lucifer and his
Thirteen Apostles, as long as
Lucifer does their bid.

Most members will end up
In Hell for atrocities inflicted on
Other races, especially in the
Name of God and Jesus Christ!

*Wilmington, North Carolina in 1898.
Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921.
Continues today as police brutality and lynching – “I feared for my life” excuse.

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