As more emails emerge
Proving quid pro quo,
Trump engages in his
Favorite “reality pastime”
Obfuscation and obstruction,
To bolster his base, while
Hiding under a veneer of Nationalism,
By killing Qassem Soleimani in Iraq.

False narrative – death of Soleimani,
Will prevent war in the Middle East,
As death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand,
On June 28, 1914, in Sarajevo
Prevented World War I and
Subsequently, World War II.
Africastallestman forgot Trump never reads,
What’s more, reading history!

An act unprecedented in
International law and diplomacy
Iraq is irked, Iran is steamed, steeled,
And united against US aggression.
Consequences of killing Soulemani
And retaliatory responses by Iran,
Sure to threaten world peace and
Affect world energy supplies.

Lagging in 2018 polls,
Trumps wants ban on
US citizenship by birth.
Trailing in 2020 Presidential Elections,
Trump lobs sidewinders at
Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei
While he is praying at Najaf, Iraq,
World War III breaks out.

Trump is an American Nationalist,
Serially addicted and married to
Foreign East European wives.
Trump is an American Nationalist
Employing undocumented aliens to bolster
Profits, while paying slave wages.
What a way to make America great again,
By marrying and investing in non-Americans?


  1. You are fast coming of real age, and fanning the embers of your inner being, to show protruding light to those in the mile-long, darker world of impenetrable “manifest destiny”. Thanks for your brilliance at handling the core of American and World historicity.

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