Refuse RUGA, get a nuclear power station

Nuclear power plants, synonymous with nuclear accidents

Guaranteed to clear the South and Middle Belt

Of humans, facilitating RUGANIZATION of Nigeria

Are these proponents of Nuclearization sound and sane?

Nuclear cows raised in contaminated Rugas

Will produce nuclear beef and nuclear milk

Unsuitable for human or animal consumption

Nuclear power stations best located in sparsely populated

Sharia Northern States of Nigeria, where

Nuclear accidents shall kill more cows than humans

A country blessed with sunshine, rivers, coal, wind, and hydrocarbons

Mortgaging her future with $80 billion Soviet nuclear plants

Instead of renewable energy investments, must be

Administered by climate change deniers and nincompoops!

The South and Middle Belt, accept Ruganization by Nuclearization and

Become a nuclear wasteland in a few years.

Nuclear power stations in Kogi, Akwa Ibom can wipe out Nigerians, others –Scientists

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