FFGN* allocates 20 billion Naira to
Five South Eastern Igbo States.
FFGN allocates 30 billion Naira to
Kano State,
One of seven North Western Hausa-Fulani States,
In the unproductive Sharia North West of Nigeria.

Igbo Governors, who are current and past members of Ohaneze,
Steal 15 out of the 20 billion South East allocation by the FFGN.
FFGN through the EFCC** convicts the rogue Igbo Governors,
And wickedly converts the stolen money to FFGN money.
South East money again diverted to the Sharia States.

Is this money given the Sharia North West under the guise of
Fighting corruption or further promoting and nurturing Igbo MMM***?
Ohaneze arise from your coma and fight Igbo MMM.
Demand that recovered Igbo money, stolen with FFGN
Acquiescence, be returned to the rightful owners – Igbos.

There may be more Igbo Almajiris than Hausa-Fulani Almajiris,
In the not so distant future, a future unfolding before Ohaneze!
As the uncrowned Igbo Ezes troop to Abuja prostrating before
Muhammadu, or his doppelgänger, Jubrin from Sudan,
The Igbo Ohas are wandering aimlessly in the Ohia****!

*FFGN – Federal Fulani Government of Nigeria©️
**EFCC – Economic and Financial Crimes Commission really Enforcing Fraudulent Criminal Complaints.
MMM*** – Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder.
OHIA**** – Wilderness.

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