DSS re-arrests Sowore in a courtroom
Despite being released on bail with verified sureties.
Atiku blames the DSS.
Awolowo blames the DSS.
Fela blames the DSS.
Fashola blames the DSS.

Sheik El Zakzaky held in DSS Dungeon
Despite being bailed by courts.
Agbakoba blames the DSS.
Falana blames the DSS.
Gowon blames the DSS.
Ngige blames the DSS.

Sambo Dasuki held incommunicado
In an undisclosed DSS Dungeon
In disregard of several court orders.
Adeboye blames the DSS.
Adesina blames the DSS.
Osinbajo blames the DSS.

Police invade and kill Igbos
At the residence of Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer
The legal luminary, Ifeanyi Ejiofor.
Obiano blames IPOB.
Akpabio blames the Police.
Umahi blames the harmattan.

The Army, Customs, and Police
Mount 50 extortion points between
Lagos and Onitsha to extort Igbo travelers.
Ohaneze blames the Army.
Rimi blames the Customs.
Gowon blames the Police.

Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen raze Anaga
Burn the town and convert it to a RUGA.
Garba blames global warming.
Ganduje blames foreign Fulanis.
Ojukwu blames foreign cows.
Tinubu blames IPOB for inciting Fulanis.

Buhari appoints the head of all
Federal Departments, Ministries, Parastatals,
Regulatory, Security and Spy Agencies.
Once appointed these Heads operate
Outside any discipline, norms, and regulations.
They become Governments within a Government.

Prior to 2023, Nigeria had several governments.
Government of the DSS.
Government of the Police.
Government of the Army.
Government of the Fulani Herdsmen, etc.
Each independent of President Buhari.

Thus, Nigeria is run by several independent
Governments under the Federal Fulani Government of Nigeria,
Confirming that the person in Aso Rock
Is not Muhammadu Buhari, but the doppelgänger
Jubrin Buhari, from Khartoum, Sudan.
Actions speak louder than DNA tests!

Buhari is arrested in 2023 by the DSS
And sent to The Hague for trial*
Almajiris blame President Wazobia.
El Rufai blames President Wazobia.
Oshiomhole blames President Wazobia.
Muhammadu Buhari blames Jubrin Buhari.

Under President Wazobia from 2023
Nigeria has one Government with one
President and the “buck ends on his desk”
Prior to 2023, crooked Nigerian Polithefians
Blamed Departments for lawlessness under Buhari.
Yes, Buhari was arrested by the DSS, not President Wazobia.

Nigerian Polithefians**, stop the con game,
Blame Buhari for the lawlessness and insecurity
In Nigeria from 2015 and continuing till 2023?
Nigerian Polithefians condemn the evil and lawless Buhari regime.
As Chidiogo says, “When you condone injustice, injustice will condemn you.”

*For crimes against humanity.

**Polithefians©️ – One who goes into politics to steal public funds.

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