Full-bodied red wine of single grape origin from Jamaica. You can taste the tannins, sulfites, ganja, and other preservatives, in addition to a lingering taste of lime, orange, lemon, banana, plantain, oregano, thyme, curry, and beef stew.
Perfectly paired with rice, no other garnishment needed. Can also go with yams, plantains, and cassava.
I give it 95.


White wine of multiple grape origins, some local, some imported, and some of unknown origin. Initially tastes like molasses but soon the strong taste of cow dung, crude oil, blood, and sweat overtakes your taste buds. Remarkably, it turns red in your mouth and leaves a long-lasting taste of corruption that lingers for hours.
Great wine for the undecided, who gets a taste of white and red wine in one bottle.
Can go with any dish.
I give it 80.


Do not let the name fool you. This wine is anything but rose. It is bold, full-bodied and initially tastes like rotten apples but soon hints of oak, serpentine, subterfuge, peppermint, and walnuts, overpower your taste buds. It goes down smoothly but soon your stomach starts churning, however, you cannot vomit. Once hooked on American Rose, you need detoxification to get off it. It is the cocaine of wines.
Goes well with all non-American dishes. Never pair with an American dish.
I give it 100!

– Wine Observer.

2 thoughts on “WINE REVIEWS.

  1. What about the health benefit ratings for any of the wines evaluated? By all indications, the Jamaican wine appears to contain
    all the attributes of good health attributes in it than others, and should be rated higher than the American wine. #Taste only should not determine the rating of a great wine in my opinion!

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