Superior, in enslaving other races?
Superior, in not paying for labor performed by other races?
Superior, in inflicting genocide on other races?
Superior, in environmental degradation?
Superior, in pillaging other races?
Superior, in raping other races?
Superior, in maiming other races?
Superior, in discriminating against other races?
Superior in en-slumming other races?

Shouldn’t a superior race, have superior conscience?
Shouldn’t a superior race, pay for goods and services?
Shouldn’t a superior race, protect the environment?
Shouldn’t a superior race, respect rights of others?
Shouldn’t a superior race, preach egalitarianism?
Shouldn’t a superior race, abhor homicide?
Shouldn’t a superior race, respect others’ property?
Shouldn’t a superior race, seek consensual sex?
Shouldn’t a superior race, promote humanity?

When a superior race values animals more than other races,
That superior race is an inferior race, that is closer to
Animals than other races being disparaged.
When a superior race employs murder, stealing, rape, and discrimination to
Maintain her phantom superiority, the superior race is really inferior.
When a superior race uses everything at her disposal including murdering,
Stars of the inferior race to maintain her superiority, the superior race is
Really inferior, as will become obvious with time, there are no superior or
Inferior races but races at different stages of human development.

Cc: Immanuel Kant and David Humes, two racist and hatist pseudo Philosophers who gave rise to the White Supremacist Movement.

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