Ever heard of American Development Plan?
British 100 year Development Plan?
French 200 year Development Plan?
Are these countries developed, and still
Developing without any Development Plan?

America has Puerto Rico Development Plans.
British has colonial Development Plans.
France has Overseas Development Plans.
Why no internal Development Plan?
Development Plans, good for vassal States.

First Nigerian National Development Plan (1958-1962),
Corruption went from 10% to 50% of the population.
Second National Development Plan (1970-74),
Electricity supply went from 12 hours daily
To epileptic and unpredictable at usurious rates.

Third National Development Plan (1975-80),
Agriculture abandoned, in favor of
Drilling crude oil and polluting the Niger Delta Region.
Fourth National Development Plan 1981-85,
Led to SAP* and Naira devaluation in 1986.

Devaluation of the Naira, asinine and reckless.
Country without exports, devaluing her currency,
And Nigerians claim to be smart and world-wise.
A case of the cart pulling the horse.
Devalue your currency in anticipation?

Anticipation of the dividends of stillborn
Development or is it Retrodevelopment?
An export-based economy, remains a mirage.
Corruption, poor implementation, and
Bogus statistics complicate the picture.

National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy (NEEDS),
Ran from 2003 to 2007, and
Nigerian roads became gullies
In the dry season, and muddy
Waterways, in the rainy season.

With NEEDS, the need to
Borrow externally, quadrupled,
Import food, quintupled,
To import water doubled, and
Local refining of crude oil banned.

Vision 20:2020 was launched in 2010.
Plan is to turn Nigeria into Rugaland,
Controlled by Boko Haram, and
Foreign Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen.
Western mechanized transportation banned.

Nigerians are indomitable in disastrous planning.
Vision 20:2020 will see a return, of
The oil lamp, as used in the Benin Empire,
As preferred source of street lighting.
Westernized lighting will be banned.

States have joined the bandwagon.
One State whose Governor has two
Years left on his tenure, has embarked
On an ambitious drunken 50 year Development Plan,
To turn his state into an Emirate as in Dubai!

Development Planning has impoverished Nigerians.
Development Plans have turned
Nigeria into the poverty capital of the world.
Isn’t time for Nigerian Politicians to
Permit Development plan itself?

*SAP – Structural Adjustment Program

Nigeria: Poverty Capital of The World

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