Death penalty for “hate” speech or free speech
Rugaland* for hate-filled murderers whose
Carnage is hate, religion, and ethnic-based.

Death Penalty for rigging local elections
Presidency for rigging National Elections
With the assistance of the Army, INEC**, Police, and “Sharia Judiciary.”

Death penalty for stealing a loaf of bread
To feed your starving family in the world’s poverty capital
National Legislooterships*** for looting the nation’s treasury.

Death penalty for smuggling a bag of rice
National honors for cornering the rice, cement, fuel, salt,
Tomato, sugar, flour, and other monopoly markets.

Hate crimes such as genocide, looting, and murder beget hate speech
Death penalty for hate crimes will eliminate hate speech
No, hate crimes advance the interests of the sponsors of death penalty for “hate” speech.

Death penalty for freedom of speech guaranteed in the Constitution
Legislative positions for morons who are incapable of self-expression
Nigeria continues to execute her future by death penalty.

This asinine bill introduced by a hate-peddling Senator
In the Nigerian National Assembly may represent
The missing piece in Nigeria’s journey to perdition!

*Rugaland – Special Towns built to harbor only Fulani Cattle Herders in seized indigenous areas.
**INEC – Independent National Electoral Commission.
***Legislooters – Polithiefians**** who loot the National Treasury.
****Polithiefians – Persons who join politics to make a quick buck.

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