A man who forcibly changed

The name of his town by brute force

Using money to buy force and intimidation

Is scheming to be the next Anambra State Governor.

Would you trust a private Dictator

With the paraphernalia of State Power?

Anambranians get ready for a name change

“UmuJehova,” “UmuHolyGhostFire,” or “UmuAbraham?”

Anambra State associated with fetish Anambra River

River full of Mammy Waters and Evil Spirits

Name change will bring God to Anambra State.

Are Anambranians ready to collect their

Bountiful harvest of miracles and blessings?

How gullible can people be?

Are Obiano and Okorocha under

The influence of Evil Spirits

Or under the influence of alcohol and goof!

Forgot Imo State is named after Imo River

But Abia State, a refuse dump has no

Connection with any River or

Maybe the River dried up.

Wait for Nwachukwu from Umuchukwu

The incoming Governor of Anambra State.

Nwachukwu is Idi Amin, Mugabe, and Saddam

In one sleek, sweet, and slithering package,

Packaged for sale to gullible Anambranians.

To be forewarning is to be forearming!

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