Why do inconsequential Igbos arrogate to themselves such outlandish titles as Ewu I of Igbo land, when they are not recognized in their respective villages as Chiefs?
Even more appalling is the situation in Imo State, where every village is now an autonomous community, with her Autonomous Eze (translates to Eze Onye Agwanam – King unaccountable to no one in Igbo).

These fake Ezes should be awarding titles such as Nzuzu I of so so Autonomous Hamlet, and not Nzuzu I of Igbo land. When Igbos do not respect their traditional institutions, other tribes will take a cue and start denigrating the Igbos.
As the saying goes “A si na okeokpa mee onwe ya osikapa, umu azi a buo ya ubu,” which translates into a disrespectful person does not garner respect.

Therefore, if Igbos desire reverence of their traditional institutions, they must first respect such institutions, or make every Igbo male a King, and female, a Queen.
Igbos have gone from “Igbo enwe eze” (Igbos have no Kings) to “Igbo nine bu eze” (Every Igbo is a King).
As with most things with the Igbos, there are no middle ground.
Africastallestman strongly disapproves of the bastardization of Igbo titles.

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