Has America,
The land of intrepid explorers,
The land of inventions,
The land of innovation, and
The land of philanthropy.

Become America,
The land of divisiveness,
The land of deception,
The land of political debauchery, and
The land of climate change deniers.

America, hitherto
A refuge for the world’s oppressed.
Now, a walled fortress that separates
Families, and imprisons children seeking asylum,
While fighting proxy wars creating more refugees.

America now follows,
Australia in denying climate change.
Same Australia burning to blazes,
From man-created “alternative” climate,
Unfortunately, there is no alternative climate.

America, now is the time,
For you to assert your leadership role,
Revamp your leadership and help,
The world reverse climate change,
Time for America to take charge again.

America, God’s own country.
God is not pleased with you,
For accelerating climate change.
Unless God is using you to destroy the Earth,
Or has God metamorphosed into the Devil?

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