Nigerians stripped, savaged, and sacrificed on South African Streets.

Stripped of their belongings, and businesses looted by rampaging Black South African mobs.

Savaged by political mobs, acting under the directions of state-capturing Black South African politicians.

Politicians using a contrived foreign word – Xenophobia – to divert attention from their huge heists of public property.

“Foreign” Blacks butchered, amputated and sacrificed alive with flaming automobile tyres as the South African Police cheered.

Buhari sends Albarka Air to evacuate Nigerians in South Africa.

Nigerians in South Africa decline, thinking Albarka Air is a branch of Boko Haram!

Buhari again sends Chanchangi Airlines, Nigerians in South Africa balk on boarding.

Isn’t “cha, cha, bulala, hamba, abamnyama bangaphandle,”* the Zulu mob chant, who wan die inside plane?

Chief Allen Onyeama sends Air Peace aircrafts to evacuate Nigerians in South Africa.

Uhuru at last! Uhuru at last!! Nigerian evacuees on board chant “Onyeama for President.”

What a difference a name makes, Operation Python Dance – death for peaceful protests – and Operation Lafiya Dole – peace for terrorists!

Names are strong signals that embodies the intent of any operation, military or civilian.

*Cha, cha, bulala, hamba, abamnyama bangaphandle – No, no, kill off foreign Blacks.

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