Peaceful Shia protesters hounded, shot,
Injured, and killed by goons of the Nigerian State.
Shia Leader, El Zakzaky incarcerated, on flimsy excuses.
Lawless Nigerian Sunni President, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari
Flagrantly disobeys all court orders to free El Zakzaky.
Puppet National Assembly, unable to pass
Resolutions demanding immediate release of El Zakzaky,
As Shi’as become increasingly frustrated and agitated.

Sheik Buhari classifies Shi’as as Terrorists and
Bans Shia Islam and shutters Shia mosques.
On the urging of Wahhabist Sunni Saudi Arabia.
Nigeria is not only an Islamic Emirate but
A Sunni Islamic Emirate governed by Sheik Buhari.
Shi’as go underground as Zako Bakam, more sophisticated
And more enlightened than the Almajiri-led Boko Haram,
Launch attacks on Sunnis and the Nigerian Army.

Buhari a cuddler of Sunni Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen,
Bans another branch of Islam as old as the Sunni branch.
What arrant nonsense! How insensitive! How evil!
When will Sheik Buhari ban Christianity and Traditional Religion?
With Boko Haram, Al Qaeda Haram, Zako Bakam
And Christian Crusaders ravaging the country,
The days of Buhari and Nigeria are numbered
Restructuring of Nigeria has indeed commenced.

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