Shit hole countries are countries

Where achievements in every field

Of human endeavor lag behind

Resources abundantly present in same countries

In those fields of human endeavor and enterprise.

Shit hole countries have gas, crude oil, rivers, uranium

Sunlight, wind, coal, geothermal springs but no electricity

Shit hole countries have more distinguished professionals

In the diaspora than in the shit hole countries themselves

Shit hole country inhabitants will rather drown

In the Mediterranean Sea than be drowned

By poverty in their depressed shit hole countries.

The greedy elite in shit hole countries spend

More time on overseas jaunts than in their shit hole countries

Presidents and the well-heeled of shit hole countries

Seek medical care outside the boundaries of their shit hole countries

Only to be treated by the same citizens of their shit hole countries

Who escaped their shit hole countries to find success

In countries, less endowed with natural and human resources

Than the shit hole countries they fled due to poverty.

Shit hole countries always blame other countries, for their woes

Aid given to shit hole countries, ends up in the

Foreign bank accounts situated in donor countries – return to sender.

The intended recipients in the shit hole countries

Continue to suffer; while praying, dancing, tongue-talking, tithing, sowing

And expecting to reap bountiful miracles from God

Only to descend into deeper penury and eventual death.

The only beneficiaries in shit hole economies are

Pastors, Politicians, Business-politicians, their families and Sycophants.

Humans make countries shit holes, with shit hole economies, and

Humans can lift countries out of shit holes into cunt holes.

However, humans in shit hole countries may lack

The anti-shit hole genes possessed by citizens of non-shit hole countries!

Is your country, a shit hole country or is heading to a shit hole status?

Cunt Hole Country©️ = Achievements of Country > Resources of Country.

Shit Hole Country©️ = Achievements of Country < Resources of Country.

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