The fake Hausa-Fulani tribe, whereby Fulanis hiding under a Hausa identity in public, to pander to the gullible Hausas, but revert to their nihilistic Fulani identity in private, must be countered by a fake Igbo-Yoruba tribe that communicates with English in public but revert to Igbo or Yoruba in private.

An Igbo-Yoruba tribe would wield immense economic, social, and religious power. The Pentecostal Yoruba Pastors shall deploy Holy Ghost Fire against Allahu Akbar of the Imams and Sheiks, Igbo-Yoruba Browning M2 machine guns against Hausa-Fulani AK-47s, and Holy Water against Cow Dung.

The fight shall not be pretty but the western educated Igbo-Yoruba shall prevail over the Almajiri educated Hausa-Fulanis.

What is preventing the Igbos and Yorubas from unifying to rout the Hausa-Fulanis, rescue their tribes and other Nigerian tribes from Fulani hegemony, islamization, fulanization, emiratization, maltreatment, ruganization, marginalization, and murder?

Islam – The Fulanis have used Islam to confuse and mesmerize the Yorubas. The Yorubas take orders from the Emir (Sultan) of Sokoto and not the Emir (Alaafin) of Oyo.

Africastallestman hopes that the Yorubas will finally arise from their slumber and cut off the tentacles of the hydra-headed Fulani monster masquerading as Hausa-Fulanis.

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