1. Never travel at night.
2. If there is no traffic on the road, turn around, and head for the nearest place with police/other travelers.
3. Do not travel alone.
4. Do not pick passengers.
5. Do not speed.
6. Give way to crazy drivers.
7. Avoid any thing on the road, even a banana peel, it may conceal a nail.
8. If someone is driving you, never fall asleep.
9. If driver is sleepy, take over or park at a busy restaurant and have driver sleep for two hours.
10. If you see a suspicious roadblock, turnaround and wait for other vehicles. Follow other vehicles to cross the checkpoint.
11. If you are not a confident driver, please avoid driving on Nigerian highways or you will be committing suicide.
12. Sounds inhumane, but do not help people in distress unless see a group helping accident victims. It may be a setup.
13. Have your cell phone charged to call for help if in distress.
14. Have two different SIM cards on same phone or different phones because of poor network service.
15. Have some money for emergencies.
16. After service, drive your automobile within the town for a day before traveling. Some mechanics may not be careful with assembly after dissembling.
17. Pray if you so desire. Prayer does not substitute for “common sense.” Armed robbers do pray before successful heists.
18. Avoid night buses.
19. If the driver of a commercial vehicle is unkempt and/or his vehicle is unkempt, wait for the next loading vehicle.
20. Know the correct pressures for your front and rear tyres. Watch as your tyres are being inflated. Never let the “vulcanizer” over-inflate your tyres.
21. Tyre pressures should be checked in the morning hours.
22. Over-inflated tyres combined with the tropical heat is an explosion waiting to happen.
23. Put the better tyres in the rear.
24. Finally, do not drink and drive. If you smell alcohol on a driver, disembark and call the FRSC or Police.



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