Africastallestman implores President Cyril Ramaphosa to arm his rampaging thugs with AK-47s.
Dragging, clubbing, and hacking Black Africans to death is mephistophelian, and qualifies as a Crime against Humanity.
Have your thugs compassionately shoot Black Africans in the head, and spare them the heinous and tortuous death.

Africastallestman urges the useless African Union, to send observers to South Africa to accurately capture the number of Black Africans,
Killed by Black South Africans as these are vital statistics that ought to be preserved in Addis Ababa,
To celebrate the replacement of White Apartheid by Black Apartheid in South Africa.

Africastallestman pleads with President Cyril Ramaphosa and other post-White Apartheid Billionaires,
To share just a little of their wealth, made possible by the elimination of White Apartheid,
With the poor, hapless, homeless, hostile, and xenophobic Black South Africans, blaming Black Africans for their woes, blame the billionaires.

Africastallestman pleads with President Cyril Ramaphosa to spare the lives of Nigerians, whose
Sacrifices; material, diplomatic, and morally helped end White Apartheid in South Africa.
Madiba and countless Black South Africans were harbored, fed, and educated by Nigeria during White Apartheid.

Africastallestman finally implores Nigerians to boycott MTN, ShopRite, Sab-Miller and anything South African.
Waiting on the incompetent and indolent Nigerian Government, that is presiding
over the killings of Nigerians, in Nigeria,
Is akin to waiting on Lucifer, to lower the temperature, or maybe air condition Hell, for the comfort of the inhabitants.

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