The sectional Islamic Nigerian Government of Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari has not condemned, nor taken any concrete diplomatic steps to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians in South Africa.

South Africa broke loose from Apartheid aided by the immense material and diplomatic support of Nigeria. If Black South Africans can co-exist with exploitative Whites, Asians, and others, it is mind numbing to see South African politicians tacitly support a genocidal war on Black Africans.

These enterprising Blacks are mainly Black Igbos from the Southeastern part of Nigeria, who are known for their industry, innovation, resilience, and acculturation.
Black South Africans under the guidance of a post-Apartheid police, controlled by Black politicians, are engaged in an orgy of heinous violence, as Black Igbo properties are looted, Black Igbos mauled and incinerated in broad daylight by marauding Black South African mobs.
Africastallestman has avoided using the term “foreign” because no Black is foreign in Africa.
Reason: Blacks from other African countries are taking nonexistent jobs reserved for Black South Africans by Apartheid!

How can a Black South African claim a small grocery store, started by a Black Igbo from Nnewi as his job?
Did the Black Nnewi Igbo prevent the Black South African from starting his own grocery store?
Where are the Black South African politicians?
Why are they not condemning this fratricide?
Is fratricide genetically imprinted in Africans?
Do Africans value human lives?

These same mobs have refused to be gainfully employed by Black Igbo Nigerian entrepreneurs. They quit after a few days and disappear with the property of their employers.
The events in South Africa and South Sudan, post-Apartheid and post-independence respectively, clearly show that Africans are ill-equipped for self-governance in the modern world.
Who would contest the shit hole label tagged on Africa by President Donald Trump of the US?

The Black South African feels a sense of entitlement which is debatable.
If they are entitled to anything, they should get it from their White and Asian tormentors, and Black beneficiaries of post-Apartheid South Africa, such as billionaires Jacob Zuma and Cyril Ramaphosa, and not kill Black Igbos who create wealth out of nothing.

The amount of resources looted by MTN, a South African telecommunications company, from Nigeria in one day, eclipses the earnings in one year, of all Black Igbo businesses in South Africa.
Since the cynical and wicked Nigerian Government of Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari will not protect Nigerians in South Africa because of his intense hatred for the Igbos, IGBOS WHO OWN A DISPROPORTIONATE NUMBER OF MTN CELL PHONES IN NIGERIA SHOULD BOYCOTT MTN.

Any Igbo who is subscribed to MTN Nigeria, is subsidizing the killing of Igbos in South Africa.
Africastallestman urges Igbos to disconnect from MTN immediately.

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