1000 Autonomous Kings in Abia State.
700 Autonomous Kings in Imo State.
500 Autonomous Kings in Enugu State.
Ebonyi State, not autonomous yet.
Glad Anambra State is not Autonomous.
Autonomy in Anambra will usher in
2000 Autonomous Kings and Kingdoms.

Are Diasporan Igbos better?
Houston has 200 Igbo Organizations.
London, 150 Igbo Organizations.
Detroit, 50 Igbo Organizations.
Small Town, Mississippi with two Igbos,
Has two Igbo Organizations.
There is no end to the madness.

A tribe buffeted by jealous enemies,
Is disintegrating instead of integrating.
Other tribes will coalesce and fight enemies.
Are Igbos cursed or is it genetic?
Igbos likely to self-destruct, before
The Jihadists from the North invade
Igbo land, and Islamize Igbos.

As Igbos become more and more
Divided and rudderless, the more
And more, they become pawns
In the hands of the Nigerian State.
Alas, there are no more elders
In the Igbo society of today and
The divisions will only intensify.

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