Nigeria’s Rogue Security Services,
Mask their faces during their
Heinous crimes, and illegal raids.
Nigeria’s Rogue Security Services,
Mask their name badges, and their
Vehicle license plates during raids.

Nigeria’s Rogue Security Services
Mask their humanity, and behave
Like “humanimals” during operations.
Nigerian Security Operatives will
Smash any recording electronic device,
Possessed by victims and passersby.

Is masking adequate to mask,
The humanity of these tormentors
Of the innocent citizens of Nigeria?
Guess, it is possible to video-graphically
Unmask the height, gait, and brutality
Of these out of control Security Agents.

Since Buhari suspended the Constitution,
In the name of National Security,
His Security Operatives have suspended
Their humanity and become “humanimals,”
To prosecute Buhari’s murderous agenda.
Real Security Operatives don’t wear masks!

In return, Nigerians are masking
Their faces and humanity, to
Avoid humiliation by masked operatives.
In a nation of ubiquitous masked men,
Anyone can be an operative or victim.
It is masking time for Nigerians!

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